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Dierks Bentley
Chords, capo 4

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Capo 4

Intro: D  C  C/B  C  D (twice)

D                          G
Ever since I met you girl, you been on my brain
D                                 G
I canít think of nothing else but you all night and day
D                                        F      G
Itís like I got a first class seat up on Ozzyís train
Itís driving me insane

D        G
5-1-5-0, somebody call the po-po
D              C G                      F  D
Iím goiní crazy, thinkiní Ďbout you baby
D        G     
5-1-5-0, just this side of loco
D              C G                     F D
Iím goiní crazy, think I love you baby

I gotta get your number girl, I gotta call you up
I gotta get you ridiní shotgun in my truck
This little bit of you Iíve got, it ainít good enough
Yeah, you got me all messed up


      G                        D 
Cause I, ainít never felt like this, no
    G                  A
And I, I just need one kiss, from you
And Iíll be good as new
If I donít get some of your sweet loviní no telliní what I might do



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