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About PCC

PureCountryChords is intended to be a very easy-to-use resource to get tabs for your favorite country songs. Before we built the site, we spent quite a while planning the structure of the site to help make it as intuitive as possible. We've done things quite differently than any other tab site on the internet, but I think you'll see why.

First, we don't just drop all of the tabs for a song into an artist's area, as this gets quite messy. For example, suppose you're looking at Brad Paisley's tabs. On a normal tab site, you might see something like this:

  • Celebrity
  • Celebrity bass
  • Little Moments
  • Little Moments2
  • Little Moments tab
  • Little Moments bass
  • ...

You end up showing each song a handful of times, making a big mess. We've taken the step of pre-loading the songs into the site, then allowing you to supply the tabs for each song. A similar listing on our site might look like this:

  • Celebrity (2)
  • I'm Gonna Miss Her (3)
  • Little Moments (5)

Current stats:

  • Artists: 373
  • Songs: 1,289
  • Tabs: 1,720

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